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SOLVAY ADVANCED POLYMERS for membrane manufacturing SOLVAY ADVANCED POLYMERS - www.solvaymembranes.com - Rue du Prince Albert 33, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Mrs Pascale NAGELS, European Account Manager, email: pascale.nagels@solvay.com, Tel. +32 2 372 99 46, Fax +32 2 509 69 18
A wide portfolio of polymers for membrane manufacturing:
- Sulfones: UDEL Polysulfone,RADEL A polyethersulfone, RADEL H Polyethersulfone, RADEL R polyphenylsulfone
- Fluoropolymers: PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
- Polyamide-imide: TORLON Polyamide-imide
company profile:
As the worldwide leader, we produce, develop, market and commercialize the widest range of consistent and reliable engineering thermoplastic materials used by the membrane makers to fabricate porous polymeric membranes for all the filtration markets: Water, Medical, Gas, Food & Beverages,...

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