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Slovensko Membránové filtre    Slovensko Membránové filtre   

MICRODYN-NADIR Membránové Bratislava, Slovensko Dipl. Ing. Vladimir Valent - - Topol'cianska ulica 18, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovensko
Vladimir Valent, email: , Tel. +421 (0) 903 549 149, Fax + 421 (2) 638 299 40
NADIR Membranes and Formates, SPIRA-CEL Wound Modules, BIO-CEL Submerged Modul,
SEPRODYN Modules for Finest Filtration, MICRODYN Tubular and Capillary Modules for Microfiltration, ULTRADYN Tubular Modules for Ultrafiltration, DIADYN - DP Modules for Dialyses, MOLPURE Hollow-Fibre Modules, MOLSEP Hollow-Fibre Modules, MAXIDYN 1" Tubulare Modules.
MICRODYN-NADIR is an important partner for Process and Wastewaters of all types. We have solved many problems in the areas of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Metal Processing, Paper and Food Industries.
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MICRODYN-NADIR is your competent partner for solutions in the areas of Micro-, Ultra-, and Nanofiltration.    site map