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KMS Korean Membrane Separation KMS - www.koreamembrane.co.kr - Seoul, , Korea
Jang Moon Seog, CEO, Tel. 82-2-554-3923, Fax 82-2-554-3925
KMS Membranes: KMS researchers have 20 years of experience in manufacturing hollow fiber membrances via a variety of materials and processes.
KMS Module: Thinly spread configuration of hollow fiber membranes can reduce clogging between the fibers.
KMS Frame: The perpendicular arrangement of membranes in the module minimizes the friction caused by uprising bubble or water.This preferred arrangement also reduces the possibility of fiber membranes being twisted by materials such as human hairs.
company profile:
Korean Membrane Separation was founded as a venture company in September 1998, to develop and manufacture the polyolefin hollow fiber membranes for the first time in Korea.

Osung Envitech membranes, membrane skids and membrane bioreactors Osung Envitech Co., Ltd. - www.osungenvitech.co.kr - 339-1, Danga-Dong, Seo-Ku, Inchon, C.P.O. Box 2133, Seoul, Korea
email: Tel. +82 325 646 830, Fax +82 325 646 835
X-Flow membranes for the microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration

SAEHAN Industries reverse osmosis membranes SAEHAN Industries Inc. - www.saehancsm.com - 12th Floor ASPO Bd., 254-8 Kongduk-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul 121-710, Korea
email: Tel. +82 2 3279-7384, Fax +82 2 3279-7088
Reverse osmosis membrane
company profile:
Saehan, once was the affiliated company of Samsung, was established in 1972 with the capital and technology of Cheil Synthetic, Inc. More than 3 decades Saehan has been a leading company in both domestic synthetic and chemical fiber industry. Saehan specially focuses its resources in manufacturing high value added products. Saehan has imported collective manufacturing system which connects the textile business unit in the Gyungsan plant with the polyester staple filber (PSF) processing line in the Gumi plant.
Saehan succeeded its development on Reverse Osmosis membrane in early 1990s for the first time in Korea. Since then, Saehan has expanded its business scope in the filter industry by developing water purifying filters, micro filters and reverse osmosis membranes for sea water desalination and fouling resistant reverse osmosis membranes. Furthermore, Saehan has directed its resources and management strategies toward developing Environment & Material business; hence, we equipped facilities which produce industrial sheets.

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