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Amersham GE Healthcare GE Healthcare Europe GmbH -
- Munzinger Str. 9, 79111 Freiburg, Germany

email, Tel. 0800 90 80 711
Products:   cross flow filtration systems

ÄKTA flux is a versatile cross flow filtration system for sample concentration and diafiltration as well as cell harvest and clarification.

ÄKTAcrossflow is a fully automated cross flow filtration system for process development and it is suitable for filter screening and process optimization at small-scale as well as small-scale processing.

UniFlux cross flow filtration systems are fully automated for clarification, concentration and diafiltration applications in pilot to manufacturing scale.

Sartorius Membranfilter SARTORIUS AG -
- Weender Landstrasse 94-108, 37075 Goettingen, Germany

email, Tel. +49 (551) 308-0
Products:   Membranfilter

- Cellulose Acetate: Low adsorption, type 111, for the filtration of aqueous solutions
- RC-membrane: Chemical resistant, type 184, for the filtration of organic solvents
- Polyethersulfone: Type 154, for the filtration of aqueous and aggressive solutions
- Cellulose Nitrate (Ester): Type 113, for sample pretreatment, particle testing and chemotaxis
- Polyamide: Type 250, for the filtration of alcaline solutions and organic solvents
- PTFE: Hydrophobic, type 118, for the filtration of air, gases or chemicals
- Polycarbonate: Track-etch, type 230, for the analysis of particles
- Glass Fiber Prefilters: For larger totally filterable volumes in clarification and sterile filtration
- Ultrafiltration, for the concentration, purification and removal of proteins, - werden unter der Marke Vivascience vertrieben.