Ion exchange membranes

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Ion exchange membranes        Ion exchange membranes

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PCA Electrodialysis Cells and Membran PCA Polymerchemie Altmeier GmbH und PCCell GmbH -
- Lebacher Strasse 60, 66265 Heusweiler, Germany

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We offer you (almost) all you need to perform electrodialysis. From the membranes over the stack, the power supply, wiring, to the pumps to bring the process solution into the ED cell.
PCCell offers you the equipment necessary to perform professional ED research and development as well as laboratory production, pilot scale production and small industrial sized electrodialyzers.
Produkte:   Ion Exchange Membranes for Electrodialysis

PCA produces a series of standard anion and cation exchange membranes (PC-SK and PC-SA) useful in general desalination applications by electrodialysis.
In addition, there are two series of special anion exchange membranes for the treatment of mineral acids and for the production of organic acids.