Microsieve filtration

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Microsieve filtration       

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In 1994, Aquamarijn was founded to develop high flux, precision microfiltration membranes, "microsieve membranes™".
Products:   Microsieve Filtration Technology

Microsieves are produced using silicon micromachining and offer new possibilities in microfiltration technology. The pores, which are well defined by photolithographic methods and anisotropic etching, allow e.g. accurate separation of particles by size. The membrane thickness is usually smaller than the pore size in order to keep the flow resistance small (one to three orders of magnitude smaller than other types of filtration membranes).
Food, biotechnology and medicine are the main fields where the microsieve® can be utilised.
Applications are: sterile filtration, absolute filtration, critical cell-cell separation, cell deformability testing and cell harvesting. In special cases a bio compatible microsieve® material is used and the microsieve® can be altered with a functionalised coating.

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