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IRAN MEMBRANE Technical & Trading group IRAN MEMBRANE Technical & Trading group -
- No.6, Shareat Lane, Laleh 9, Shohada St., Gorgan, Iran

Esmaeel REZAEI, email:
Tel. +98 - 171 - 2245727, Fax +98 - 171 - 2229505

company profile:
In Godís favor, Iran Membrane Technical & Trading Group was founded by some of experts engaged in many kinds of membrane in different industries.
Our products have application in Medical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Metal, and Food applications and in many more industrial processes, where we always work in close contact with our clients to supply innovative separation solutions.
The Group focused on innovative membrane technology in practical application and, it is specifically for the needs of industrial & municipal companies and combines many advantages of existing technologies, while limiting the drawbacks.
products:   Micron, Ultra, Nanofiltration and RO membranes

PTFC (Ployamide Thin-Film Composite), PTFE, PVDF, Cellulose Acetate, Cellulose Nitrate, PES, DURA PES, Micro PES, Mixed Cellulose Esters, Nylon, PCTE, PETE, PP, Nitrocellulose for western blotting, Glass Fiber Disc

Arsha Pouyeh Arsha Pouyeh Trade and Investment Co - www.
- Flat No. 1, First Floor, No. 26, East Babak St., Farid Afshar St.,
Dastgerdi Ave., Shariati Ave., 19198-13315 Tehran, Iran

Arash Mohamad Alizadeh, email, Tel.

company profile:
The Arsha Pouyeh Trade & Investment Company is established in 2008 in Tehran .
Arsha Pouyeh is the exclusive representative of the Trepko Denmark and DSS Silkeborg Denmark In Iran.
The main activity of the Trepko is manufacturing and installation of filling and sealing machines along with brick and wrapping machines.
The DSS Silkeborg is very famous Co. in manufacturing membranes (UF,RO,MF,NF) in the world. Also the company is active in the manufacturing of UF Plants.
UF plant - plate & frame system
RO / NF plant - SW system
DSS RO polisher
UF Plant - SW System
DSS BrineClear

- Tehran, Iran

Arash AFKARI, email, Tel.

company profile:
Since the quality and quantity of drinking water in Middle East region is in critical situation. The MEWTCO Company (Middle East Water Treatment Company) with composition of experts and Specialists has been estabilished in A.D.2004. the purpose of this company in the modern processes of treatment and desalination of brackish and sea water. further more treatment of industrial and urban Waste water. The fundamental aims of this company are environmental conservation, social health promotion and preparation back grounds to utilize the modern methods of treatment.

membrane technology: RO, Double RO, NF, UF, MF, MBR, EDI, Gas selection by membrane

MAAD PROCESS Reverse Osmosis MAAD PROCESS Co. - www.
- Apt102, No22, Sattari Blvd, Africa Ave., Tehran, Iran

Omid Shadman Motlagh, Managing Director, email, Tel.

Membrane separation and purification equipments, Membrane Filter Press
Reserve Osmosis Membrane, NanoFiltration Membrane, UltraFiltration Membrane, Micro Filtration Membrane

- No.75, Before the Damavand Tower, Tehranpars cross way , Tehran, Iran

Ahmad RAHIMI, email, Tel.

pilot and industrial units for Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis.
company profile:
PALA TARH ENERGY CO. is a specialist company which engaged many professional qualified managers and engineers in different fields that organized for Design, Consulting, Managing, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Training in following divisions:
Water & Wastewater Treatment, Power Industry, Oil Industry, Petrochemical Industrial Projects.

Shahrab SHAHRAB S.T. CO. - www.
- No.26/9,3rd St.,Fatemi Ave.,Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Nasser SOLTANI, email, Tel.

UF,NF & RO membrane treatment systems of water and wastewater