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DelcoWater, division of Delco Automation Inc, specializes in the design, construction and commissioning of membrane treatment units for municipal and industrial applications.
Products:   Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Microfiltration

Hybrid Units, HYDRAmax MTU Control Package, Engineering and Design, Operator Training, Diagnosis and Troubleshooting, Remote Monitoring, Water Treatment Plant Automation and Control

domnick hunter Canada domnick hunter Canada inc. -
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Robert Barker, National Sales Manager, email, Toll Free Phone: 888-342-2623

CRYPTOCLEAR PES Microbially retentive polyethersulphone membrane provides absolute rated Cryptosporidium-oocyst filtration to meet the specific needs of the food, beverage and water industries.
PROPOR PES utilises the unique properties of a microbially retentive polyethersulphone membrane to provide sterile filtration to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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Alexandre Pellerin, President, email, Tel.

The enterprise specializes in the application of membrane technology in industrial applications. From producing highly pure water for the pharmaceutical industry to purify waste water from electroplating plants, we assist enterprises in developing a proper and efficient water management program in order to reduce cost, reduce the use of chemicals, reduce waste, and reduce the disposal of pollutants in the environment. We also assist our clients in closing the water circuits and recycling their waste water in order to have the manufacturing plant total independent from a water supply.

Membrane Systems including Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Microfiltration. Water and wastewater treatment in industrial applications. Engineering services and water management services.

Filter Innovations Filter Innovations Inc. -
- 744 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, Ontario M2H 3B4, Canada

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Products:   Ultrafiltration (UF), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

standard ultrafiltration (UF) systems that can be optimized to deliver high performance for virtually any industrial waste treatment or recovery application. Filter Innovations UF systems effectively separate high molecular weight dissolved materials from the waste stream using Filter Innovations -manufactured semi-permeable membranes and modules.
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) which incorporates the methods of traditional activated sludge separation and membrane filtration. The process can be adapted for a variety of different applications and is effective in treating effluent with both a high BOD and TSS loading.

FiberFlo Mar Cor Purification -
- 3250 Unit 6 Harvester Rd., Burlington, ON L7N 3W9, Canada

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Mar Cor Purification is one of the largest and most experienced water purification companies in North America. We have been servicing water treatment equipment for over 35 years and have an experienced nationwide team of technicians qualified to work on your water systems.
Products:   Filtration Technologies

Mar Cor Purification's unique hollow fiber membrane technology is available in FiberFlo brand filtration and separation devices.
Available in either cartridge or capsule form, the filter devices provide fluid purity in high flow applications with minimum filter investment.
The unique hollow fiber membrane is made using advanced quality control techniques which produce a remarkably consistent product passing biocompatibility and performance criteria required for registration as a medical device under USFDA regulation 510k.

Seprotech Seprotech Systems Incorporated -
- 2378 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ontario K1V 7P1, Canada

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Seprotech provides custom engineered solutions to industrial water and wastewater problems wherever they occur. Since Seprotech is not tied to any one membrane, engineers select the best membrane for the job. As a trusted supplier to the Automotive, Food and Beverage and Fabricated Metals industry, Seprotech designs and builds systems that meet legislative requirements and also save the customer money.
Products:   Membrane Solutions tailored to your specific needs

- Seprotech AKB®. The AKB® line of products is designed for use in alkaline baths such as in the paint preparation cycle in an automotive plant.
- Food and Beverage Plant Waste Streams.
- Solids and Dissolved Solids Separation. We supply Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis systems that meet the highest standards for industrial plant makeup water.
- Reverse Osmosis Desalination. Our line of package plant Reverse Osmosis desalination plants are designed for medium sized applications such as industrial plants and resorts.

- 2015 Rue Peel, 5éme étage, suite 513, Montréal, Québec H3A 1T8, Canada

Jean-yves Bergel, email, Tel. +1 (514) 334-7414

Tami North America is a subsidiary of Tami industries. Tami Industries with its innovative designs, in just over ten years, has established itself as the world’s second largest manufacturer of ceramic membranes. With its patented designs - more than 24 International patents - Tami has many advantages over its competitors in the field of Micro, Ultra and Fine Ultrafiltration applications.
Products:   Ceramic membranes

for liquid microfiltration, ultrafiltration and fine ultrafiltration declinable in 3 range of product:

Inside CéRAM®: our standard tubular membrane made of a special mixture of Alumina, Titania and Zirconia oxides (ATZ), for most industrial applications.
Filtanium®: a membrane for Live Sciences applications, or for water treatment. All the support and the active layers are made of pure TiO2.
ISOFLUX®: a special membrane, with constant TMP along the tube, designed for Microfiltration applications.

Vaperma hollow fiber polymeric membrane Vaperma inc. -
- 2111, 4e Rue, bureau 101, Saint-Romuald (Québec), Canada G6W 5M6

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Vaperma is a cleantech Quebec-based company specialized in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of a new hollow fiber polymeric membrane that allows high selective separation of water from various gas mixtures and organic vapors.
Products:   Ethanol dehydration

Membrane based technology for the dehydration of ethanol and natural gas and the removal of CO2. Vaperma membranes are heat and solvent resistant.

ZENON ZENON Environmental Inc. -
- Corporate Headquarters, 3239 Dundas Street West, Oakville, Ontario L6M 4B2, Canada

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ZENON's corporate headquarters is located in Oakville, Ontario, Canada with a European hub in Hungary. We have over 1,200 dedicated employees working from 15 locations globally.

ZENON offers a broad membrane technology product line that offers solutions for any water and wastewater treatment application:
ZeeWeed® 500, ZeeWeed® 1000, ZeeWeed® MBR, ZeeWeed® Tertiary, Packaged Systems, Mobile Systems, PermaFlow™, Reverse Osmosis, Home Water Filtration, Military Systems, Marine Systems.     other keywords