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Bekaert Progressive Composites, Corp. - The Fabricators of PROTEC™ Membrane Pressure Vessels nv Bekaert sa -
- President Kennedypark 18, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgie

email:, Tel. +32 56 23 05 11

Bekaert Progressive Composites, Corp. is dedicated to the advancement of membrane pressure vessel technology. Founded in April 2000 by a core group of former Advanced Structures employees, we begin our endeavor with over 175 years of combined experience in design and fabrication. Our goal is to become your supplier of choice when it comes to selecting high-quality pressure vessels for your membrane filtration systems.
Production facilities: Vista, USA and Munguia, Spain

PROTEC™ Pressure Vessels are the highest quality product available. We understand that these products are expected to last the entire life of the RO system. In order to help ensure the life of the pressure vessel, we have selected the best materials and used the best fabrication methods available in the manufacture of our products.

Dow provides FILMTEC reverse osmosis membranes and DOWEX ion exchange resins Dow Customer Information Group -
- Prins Boudewijnlaan 41, 2650 Edegem, Belgie

Toll Free +800-3-694-6367, Tel. +32 3 450 2240

Dow provides FILMTEC™ reverse osmosis membranes and DOWEX* ion exchange resins to meet global needs for water treatment, as well as specialized applications in industries including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, chemical processing, mining, catalysts, sweeteners, beverage and dairy processing, and more.

GE Betz Polymerland France SNC/GE Betz -
- Toekomstlaan 54, 2200 Herentals, Belgie

Patrick VAN ENDE, Tel. +32 14 25 91 52

Koch Membrane Systems Koch International B.V. -
- Bijkhoevelaan 12, 2110 Wijnegem, Belgium

Tel. +32 3 641-6583

Koch Membrane Systems manufactures microfiltration membranes in tubular, hollow fiber, spiral and flat sheet membrane configurations for microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), and reverse osmosis (RO).
company profile:
For over 30 years, Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) has been developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art membranes for food, dairy, juice, wine, vinegar, beverage, industrial water, municipal water, ultrapure/high purity water, automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, textile, desalination, and scores of other applications worldwide. More than 15,000 installations are operating and performing successfully around the world. The number and the diversity of applications are growing every day.

Orange Scientific Orange Scientific n.v./s.a. -
- Graignette Business Park, Avenue du Commerce 32, 1420 Braine-l'Alleud, Belgie

email: , Tel. + 32 2 387 56 97

The membrane filters are used for analytical applications, e.g.microbiological contamination tests (water, beer, soft drinks), forsterile filtration (additives, tissue culture media), filtration ofsolutions containing particles, microbiological quality control,filtration of aqueous and organic solutions, process filtration,clarification procedures etc.

Pall Pall -
- Leuvensesteenweg 633 - unit C, 1930 Zaventem, Belgie
email: , Tel. +32-2-755-91-91

Pall Corporation is the largest and most diverse filtration, separations and purifications company in the world.
Annual Sales: $1.8 Billion

- Avenue Albert Einstein, 15, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique

Katia Hansen, Marketing & Communication Manager, email, Tel. +32 (0)10 45 30 00

REALCO est le spécialiste en matière de biotechnologie appliquée au nettoyage, au traitement des eaux usées et à l’élevage. Depuis 1968, REALCO recherche, développe, fabrique et commercialise des produits uniques de nettoyage et de traitement des eaux usées qui allient la chimie à la biochimie. La division BtoB commercialise les produits de détergence et de traitement des eaux usées.

gamme complète de produits à base d'enzymes, destinés au nettoyage des filtres à membrane.

- Rue du Prince Albert 33, 1050 Brussels, Belgie

Mrs Pascale NAGELS, European Account Manager, email:, Tel. +32 2 372 99 46

As the worldwide leader, we produce, develop, market and commercialize the widest range of consistent and reliable engineering thermoplastic materials used by the membrane makers to fabricate porous polymeric membranes for all the filtration markets: Water, Medical, Gas, Food & Beverages,...

A wide portfolio of polymers (resins) for membrane manufacturing.     Keywords     Mots-clés