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Matrix Dual barrier Hollow fibers Matrix Membranes Inc. -
- 1945 Avenida Del Oro, Suite 128, Oceanside, CA 92056, USA

email:, Tel. +1 760-945-1233

A specialty hollow fiber membrane technology developer and manufacturer.
Products:   Dual barrier Hollow fibers

Matrix Membranes Inc. Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Element Modules are specially manufactured utilizing different fiber diameters and pore sizes. Made from polyethersulfone (PES) a hydrophilic, chemically stable polymer capable of operating in aggressive environments. Matrix Ultrafiltration Hollow Fibers have separation layers on both sides of the fiber (double skinned) and can be operated bi-directionally.

MICRODYN TECHNOLOGIES solutions in the areas of Micro-, Ultra-, and Nanofiltration MICRODYN TECHNOLOGIES INC -
- 1204 Briar Patch Lane, Raleigh, NC 27615, USA

Walt PUPA, President, email:, Tel. +1 919 - 8 729 375

MICRODYN-NADIR is your competent partner for solutions in the areas of Micro-, Ultra-, and Nanofiltration. We have solved many problems in the areas of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Metal Processing, Paper and Food Industries.
Products:   NADIR Membranes and Formates

SPIRA-CEL Wound Modules, BIO-CEL Submerged Modul,
SEPRODYN Modules for Finest Filtration,
MICRODYN Tubular and Capillary Modules for Microfiltration,
ULTRADYN Tubular Modules for Ultrafiltration,
DIADYN - DP Modules for Dialyses,
MOLPURE Hollow-Fibre Modules, MOLSEP Hollow-Fibre Modules,
MAXIDYN 1" Tubulare Modules.